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10-20-2023 9:17:34 AM EST
Great notary on short notice. We had an emergency and they responded and at the house in an hour during the day. We called another service but they never answered the phone in Springfield.

04-07-2023 5:20:04 PM EST
Tysons Springfield Notary came to our resuce and helped my dad with a POA. They made all the difference. Cant thank them enough.

Rafael    rafael@coquibeachrentals.com
03-27-2023 9:45:42 PM EST
I recommend Dan. He was super.

02-27-2023 2:19:22 PM CST
I needed help with a letter as I am not the best at writing letters. Dan helped me out and I got the result I needed. He is professional and an expert. Trust him with your letter writing and notary work. Good man!

12-12-2022 3:33:42 PM CST
We needed a biingual notary for translations and notarizations. Dan came through for us. We recommend his very quick and efficient services.

nvasprtsgy@aol.com   Gerardo
08-19-2022 8:33:50 PM CST
We came across your website on google. We are so happy to have found you for our dad who is bed ridden with cancer. Thanks for notarizing the POA toda.

08-13-2022 1:26:44 PM CST
Thanks for helping out my dad at home. You guys were great. We will recommend you to all our neighbors and friends in Springfield and Burke.

Jaime   nvasprtsgy@aol.com
05-09-2022 1:34:43 PM CST
We were delighted to find Dominion Notary to help with power of attorney, will and other documents.I highly recommend them.

Pamela    Pamela Quinn
01-20-2022 10:11:57 AM CST
This is a great notary service. They come right to our home when we need notary. In the winter months my mom could not get to a notary and they come to us.

Maria Elena
06-06-2021 11:53:30 AM CST
We needed a notary last minute. Dan the man came through for us and helped us out.

Jennifer Midas   Jennifer Midas
05-29-2021 8:32:46 PM CST
Excellent notary service for my mom at Greensprings.

fairfax2020@gmail.com   Abby Torres
05-29-2021 8:29:57 PM CST
We needed a knowledgeable notary on short notice. Dan Kane came through for us. Very sharp and efficient. He is also bilingual.

Francisco Cruz
02-16-2021 2:38:16 PM CST
Dan Kane is a very committed Notary that is willing to get the extra mile to fulfill the needs of his customers. Very professional. I am 100% satisfied with his service.Francisco Cruz

Francisco Cruz
02-16-2021 2:38:15 PM CST
Dan Kane is a very committed Notary that is willing to get the extra mile to fulfill the needs of his customers. Very professional. I am 100% satisfied with his service.Francisco Cruz

12-08-2020 4:33:42 PM CST
We needed a Spanish speaking notary to come to our home for our mom. Sr. Kane vino a nuestra casa. Mr. Kane came to our house to do the notary work in Espanol.

12-08-2020 4:32:30 PM CST
We needed a notary for a trust, will and power of attorney. Dan responded immediately. We give them a 10+.

11-05-2019 9:54:55 AM CST
We needed a notary in an hour. Dominion came to our rescue. Thanks, Dan.

06-05-2019 10:53:44 AM CST
My mom needed a will and POA signed and notarized. Dominion Notary did it the same day. They can also bring witnesses if you need them at a small fee.

06-05-2019 10:51:59 AM CST
Speedy service. Called Dominion Notary and they arrived in 30 minutes. Great service.

11-26-2018 5:10:02 PM CST
Great service at the last minute. We met the notary in FedEx and were able to notarize and FEDEX our legal papers at same time.

11-22-2018 3:00:19 PM CST
My mother in law needed a notary for legal papers at her assistant living home. Dan the Notary Man from Dominion Notary came to the place and it all worked out well.

09-11-2018 10:17:38 AM CST
On short notice we reached out to Dan at Dominion and they came within an hour. Great service on short notice.

08-29-2018 9:22:58 AM CST
We closed on our home recently and needed a notary fast. Dan Kane from Dominion came ASAP. Recommend them with 5 stars*****

Flo and Jim
07-12-2018 10:52:39 AM CST
Were lucky to find Dan the notary man from Dominion Springfield. Very prompt, courteous and bilingual for my mom. Recommend them highly.

Gary and Linda
06-14-2018 3:10:39 PM CST
We needed a notary in a hurry. Springfield Dominion came to our rescue. We are a military couple that had to close fast and Dan responded so professionally. Recommend them highly.

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