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05-01-2016 2:55:49 PM CST
This Dominion Notary is a great service. They come to the home. I needed a notary and just had surgery. Very good and reliable service.

04-24-2016 12:26:10 PM CST
Can't thank Dominion enough. We needed them on a Sunday and they came to my sick mom in an hour at the house.

03-16-2016 5:43:37 AM CST
Very pleased with the quick service Dominion provided to our family.

John and Catherine
03-14-2016 1:20:45 PM CST
We closed on our house using Dominion. They are efficient and professional.

03-14-2016 12:59:49 PM CST
My mom needed a notary at home due to her disability. They came to the home! Great service.

05-06-2015 4:26:57 PM CST
Great evening service for us. We were very impressed with prompt arrival and efficiency of it all. Recommend Dominion Notary highly.

Jimmy Z.
04-12-2015 8:14:35 PM CST
Dominion is a great service. My mom was bed ridden and they came to the house to notarize her paperwork. Can't thank them enough.

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